• Frequently Asked Questions
  • Vegan—what's that?

    From The Vegan Society, the definition of vegan:

    Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.

    From a diet aspect, that means that we avoid all meat (including fish and chicken), gelatin, eggs, dairy, honey, and anything that includes other animal ingredients.

  • Why vegan?

    We love all animals and don't want to see harm come to them. The meat, dairy, and egg industries are all very cruel, so we won't use any animal ingredients in our baked goods. Besides, you don't need animal ingredients to have super-yummy treats.

  • So are all your baked goods super-healthy?

    We don't believe in harming animals, but we do believe in super-yummy food. If you're looking for a healthy bakery, please continue your search. We make traditional, sugar-laden baked goods just without the animal cruelty.

  • Do you use all organic, natural ingredients?

    Not always. We specialize in cakes and sweet treats that are free from animal products. We strive to make vegan sweets as tasty or even better than dairy and egg-laden counterparts. We are not striving to be a healthy alternative to sweets and treats. While many of our ingredients are organic, we source the best quality, vegan ingredients we can, even if they aren't organic.

  • How do you make cake and other baked goods without eggs, milk, and butter?

    While eggs, milk, and butter are used in a lot of traditional baking, there are also many traditional baked goods that are "accidentally vegan." Additionally, there are many ways of getting great results without any animal products. There are many different egg replacements, plant-based milks, and vegan butters.

  • Do you use vegan sugar?

    Yes. All the sugar used in baking is labeled as vegan. We stay away from sugar filtered with bone char.

  • Do you use honey?

    No. Honey is made by bees for times of scarcity in their lives; it is not meant for humans to use to sweeten their foods. In place of honey, we use agave nectar, maple syrup, or other vegan sweeteners.

  • Do you use palm oil?

    All frostings use Spectrum Organic Shortening, as do some cookie recipes and all pie crust. While Spectrum is a palm oil, they are certified as sustainable and make this promise "We are vigilant about the sourcing, production, and packaging of our products – with the goal of leaving as small a footprint as possible, and sustaining resources for the future."

  • I'm not vegan. Why would I want to order from you?

    While we love to provide cakes and baked goods to our vegan customers, we really love to serve our baked goods to non-vegan people. If you weren't told that our baked goods are vegan, you wouldn't be able to tell. We've had many non-vegan people eat our cake and baked goods through the years, and they've always been surprised when they find out it's vegan.

  • Do you bake gluten-free?

    While our normal cakes and baked goods are not gluten-free, we do have a lot of experience baking vegan, gluten-free treats. The owner has many family members who have either been diagnosed with Celiac's or has discovered a gluten intolerance. We do not have a gluten-free dedicated kitchen; however, we do have gluten-free dedicated mixer and bowls. We know gluten intolerance is a serious problem, and we take gluten-free baking very seriously. While not all recipes can be changed to gluten-free with great results, we'd love to offer some great options. In order to ensure safe gluten-free baked goods, please give us at least one week's advance notice for any order. If there are already flour-filled orders for a given time period, we will not accept a gluten-free order.

  • Can you make me a _____ cake? (Fill in the blank with any copyrighted character, e.g. Mickey, Spiderman, SpongeBob, etc.)

    Due to current copyright law, we cannot reproduce any copyrighted material without the written permission of the copyright holder. If you own a company and have a logo you'd like reproduced in cake, we can do that (see below). If you want a cake with your favorite book, movie, or TV characters, though, unless you can get written permission from the copyright holder, we cannot reproduce the character. What we can do is create a cake with certain color scheme or other non-specific background items. There are often plastic toy figurines that can be added so that you can have the character.


  • Can I order online?

    At this time, we're baking out of a home kitchen, following Michigan's Cottage Food Law. All transactions must be made in person, so we cannot accept online orders. Please see our Contact us page to start the ordering process.

  • How far in advance do I need to order?

    For custom cake orders, we want to make sure that there is enough time to plan and execute the perfect design. We prefer at least one month's notice for designed cakes. For simple cakes and other baked goods, we can usually accommodate orders with one week's notice. If you need delivery on a specific day, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can reserve time on the calendar for you. For more urgent requests, we can't guarantee availability, but contact us to see what we can do.

  • Where are you located?

    At this time, we bake out of a home-based kitchen, following Michigan's Cottage Food Law. Our home kitchen is in Shelby Township, Michigan and serve the Southeastern Michigan area.

  • Do you deliver?

    Yes. We include delivery with all our baked goods to our normal delivery area, which includes all of Macomb County and within a 30-minute drive of our kitchen in Shelby Township, MI. For delivery outside of the 30-minute zone, a nominal delivery charge will be included. Please call for more details.

  • Can I pick up?

    While we do bake out of a home kitchen, we have no problem with customers arranging pick up. Please just mention at the time of ordering, and you'll be given the exact address. We are in a subdivision off of Shelby Road, between 23 and 24 Mile Roads. We ask for a 2-hour (or less) window of time for pick up so that we can make sure to have the order ready to go when it's needed.